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Welcome to Ian’s Friday Puzzle! Dust off those Friday cobwebs with a little manipulation of the old grey matter. Perplexing puzzles, logical, illogical, and sometimes just plain stupid. Be prepared to be bewildered, befuddled and bedazzled!

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This week's Friday Puzzle

4!   -   said four factorial, means 4 × 3 × 2 × 1.

Without working out the value, how many zeros will there be at the end of 25! (twenty five factorial) ?

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Friday Puzzle (30/04/2021)

a + b + c + d = 20

ab + c + d = 4

a + bc + d = 16

a + b + cd = 12


Find the values of  a, b, c and d.

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Friday Puzzle (23/04/2021)

I have 77 socks in a drawer.

I have 18 identical yellow socks, 34 identical black socks and 25 identical green socks in the drawer.

It’s night, the lights have gone out and I can’t see.

What is the minimum number of socks I must take out to be certain to have a pair of each colour?

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Friday Puzzle (16/04/2021)

What is the largest 3-digit number that is a multiple of 6, that has the digits 6 and 5 in it?

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Friday Puzzle (26/03/2021)

A box has a top area of 480 cm2, a side area of 240 cm2 and a front area of 512 cm2.

What is the volume of the box?

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Friday Puzzle (19/03/2021)

Year 8  has fewer than 100 students. 
The students line up outside the assembly hall.
When they line up in 3s, two students are left over. 
When they line up in 4s, three students are left over. 
When they line up in 5s, four students are left over. 
When they line up in 6s, five students are left over. 
How many students are left over when they line up in 7s?

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Friday Puzzle (12/03/2021)

In a knockout tournament there are 32 teams, how many matches are played to find a winner?

If there were 28 teams, (some would get a bye in the first round), how many games would be needed?

Find a general rule.

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Friday Puzzle (05/03/2021)

The sum of three consecutive numbers are 147.

What are the numbers?

Can you find three consecutive numbers that add to 200?

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Friday Puzzle (26/02/2021)

What is the four digit number, with no zeros, in which

the second digit is four more than the first and three times the third,

the third is two more than the last and two less than the first

and the first digit is five times the last?

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Friday Puzzle (19/02/2021)

A goat takes 4 minutes to eat a lettuce. A rabbit takes 5 minutes and a mouse takes 8 minutes to eat the same sized lettuce.

If a single lettuce were thrown to all three animals and they ate together (without eating each other), how long would it take between them to eat the lettuce?

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